About Collz Inc.

Roots In Building
Cary Granger, the oldest of six siblings and son of accomplished builder Pete Granger, leads COLLZ Inc. in building homes from his deep rooted experience. Having done framing for his dad and working his way up to foreman, Cary began at age 14 and built his very first home when he was only 20 years old. For Cary, this means a lifetime of experience that he’s brought to every project – from tree houses to 20-unit townhomes and from remodels to high-end luxury custom homes. For you that means, in choosing a COLLZ home, your biggest investment is in the hands of someone you can trust, who knows every aspect of home construction from a lifetime of building.

Mindful of Trends, Yet Timeless
Cary made it through the stormy economic downturn buy providing a product that was sought after. His Northwest Contemporary homes carry abundant natural light and modern quality finishes with stellar craftsmanship. The modern exterior blends with a transitional style home interior, resulting in a home that is timeless. He has a special talent for attention to detail from creating floor plans with a pleasing flow to achieving harmony between the building site and exterior and interior elements. Also on the team is Cary’s wife Olympia, who leads creative direction on all the interior design choices, from fixtures to finishes to paint to wood flooring, giving these homes a woman’s touch. These are just a few things that are a trusted hallmark of a COLLZ home.

Respect for the Earth
Owning a COLLZ Built Green home means not only will you live in a beautiful, well-designed home, but also one where care has been taken to reduce waste, use sustainable materials and minimize resource depletion. As the homeowner you’ll reap the benefits from the green building practices that produce a home with energy and resource savings for years to come. Learn more about a Built Green.

Happy Customers
Cary’s understanding of your side of the process is outstanding. He’ll work with you to ensure you are proud of and happy with all the details that go into your home. Cary is patient and open to ideas, receptive to questions, and responsive to your needs. And his reputation is built on standing behind his product and making his customers happy.