About the Granger Family

Granger Family of Builders
Five companies with a shared legacy name. One home: yours.

“A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.” Those are the words of late film director Frank Capra, who brought us It’s a Wonderful Life. Pete Granger had a hunch when he harnessed his passion for carpentry and building, that he could build something great. And he did –starting with his first spec home in the 70’s. Fast-forward +forty years and thousands of homes later to Pete in his office surrounded by four other successful builders. His sons.

Pete Granger Inc. was born out of the American Dream. With the after-school piecework and then a four-year carpentry union apprenticeship under his belt, a young Pete turned down a job working for somebody else to start his own company, with the support of his wife, beginning with fences and decks. He developed his expertise and began constructing homes, committed to making every project exceptional and satisfying his client’s wishes.

Pete and his young bride also started a family. These kids were raised with the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship, and with their dad’s passion for home building. They watched their father fulfill his dreams, in turn fulfilling also the dream of home ownership to families all over Seattle. It had to be infectious.

One by one each of his four sons followed in his footsteps, working for him after school out in the field with hammer and nails and then eventually moving through their own rites of passage, building a home on their own from the ground up. This gave them not only the know-how of building but also learned the meaning of a job well done.

Now all four have their own successful and independent home building businesses: Collz Inc., D.C. Granger Homes, Beau Development and Steele Homes Inc. Brothers Cary, Darin, Beau and Steele, each bring their own vision and unique approach to building homes all over the Seattle-metro area—another dream fulfilled for Pete. Together they’ve made it through economic downturns, shared best practices and resources and have lead in their industry by adopting new building techniques that produced cleaner, greener homes – before it was trendy.

So, when you choose a Granger home, you are choosing to be a part of a family heritage of passionate home building experts with a tireless dedication to their customers. They know the homes they build touch the lives of thousands of families. Capra couldn’t write it better himself.

40 years+ and 5 passionate builders. It all starts from Dad starts at 16 after school in the 60s. learns the trade as a carpenters union apprenticeship, Grows a biz in early 70s then Cary starts at 16 after school in ’86 and, like dad did when starting out, he builds a house entirely on his own. Then Darin follows, then Beau and then Steele.

The have made it through bad economies in the 1970s, then in 1981, 1991 and most recently the 2008 global financial crisis. The Grangers all survived and have 5 thriving businesses with a legacy few can claim. And makes for one very proud dad.