About Us

To Love Where You Live
That’s our hearts desire. We want you to love where you live and we build every home with this mission at our core.


One of A Kind, Distinctive Homes
In selecting a DC Granger Home, you are choosing a level of design, skill and craftsmanship far above the typical speculative house being marketed today. Curation of the finest materials and finishes for each and every home, combine with an almost obsessive design ethic, to ensure a finished product that is unmatchable, individual and magnificent. Darin Granger’s vision and drive leads the team to excellence, staying focused on delivering each home so that it reaches the mark of distinction of a DC Granger Home. The result is a unique home with an almost “bespoke” experience, taking on a custom feel, and both warm and luxurious. If you see yourself and your family living in a “best-of-class” home that sets the standard apart from the rest, well, we feel it’s only fair to let you in on a little secret: we only build a limited number of these exquisite homes a year.

Sustainable in Every Step
From the location we choose to the design of the floor plans, on to the selection of materials, DC Granger Homes infuses a sustainable approach and methodology to the entire building process.
Our homes are rated 4 and 5 star Built Green, not just to align with trends but to stay ahead of them, creating high performance homes that go beyond today’s energy codes while also stunningly stylish. The result is a “triple bottom line” success: energy efficient homes that are great for the environment, have long-term economical rewards and resale value, and happy homeowners in a healthy home.


Darin Granger, president of DC Granger Homes, got started as a teenager under the guidance of legacy builder Pete Granger, his Dad. Now, with a family of his own, and side-by-side among his 3 brothers who also followed in Dad’s footsteps, Darin is known for his creative vision and innate sense of design, along with excellence in customer service.  DC Granger Homes takes pride in being there for their customers, even as a resource and knowledge base well beyond the warranty period for the ongoing care of the home. Here’s what some of our homeowners have to say:

This happy home owner in Kirkland found excellence and elegance in DC Granger Homes. Unparalleled customer service matched DCGH’s reputation, while trust in DCGH led to purchasing a home still in the framing stages. Even when in doubt about color and tile choices they had faith in Darin’s keen sense of design and they love how it turned out! With DC Granger Homes, you’ll love where you live!


“The style and finishes of DC Granger homes consistently stood out during our house search, so when one became available near us, we didn’t hesitate to purchase it. Throughout the buying process and our first few months in the house, Darin Granger and his team have gone out of their way to make us happy home owners. We’re thrilled with our new home!” – Bea and Eric Stollnitz


We wanted a lot of things in a new house: thoughtful design, energy efficiency, and most importantly, a reputable builder. We knew of Darin Granger’s reputation in Seattle, and we’ve been more than pleased with the quality of construction and thrilled with their great service after our move in. Darin and his team have managed to negate the majority of stress that comes with new home ownership.” – Mike Kaufman and Janette Rising

And this, from Tadashi Shiga, principal of Evergreen Certified, Built Green certifier:

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“As a third party verifier for Built Green, I have the opportunity to inspect many homes in the NW and I can whole heartily recommend DC Granger Homes. They build top quality, beautiful, sustainable and energy efficient homes.
They truly care about every detail, especially their homeowners.”
– Tadashi Shiga

Modern and More

While Modern is much of what you see on our website, DC Granger Homes has created Craftsman, Mediterranean and traditional homes over the years. Take a look at the wide range of styles we have delivered in the past on our Past Projects page, and feel free to contact us to learn about our upcoming projects. In his words:

“…what’s really important to me in the building process is the flow of the home, the energy that the home has. I like people to be able to walk into my home and take a deep breath and sigh. I really pride my homes on being able to offer that kind of unspoken, unseen asset, that feeling.”

Close to 500 homeowners in the Seattle area have called themselves proud owners of one of Darin’s homes through DC Granger Homes. We invite you to be one of them, and love where you live.