What is Built Green?


Built Green is a program that encourages environmentally responsible building and construction by certifying homes that meet specific criteria – and Granger Family Homes is committed to building the best Built Green homes on the market.

A Built Green home can be:
1) Less expensive to operate. Energy- and water-efficient features mean you can save money each month on operating costs.
2) Healthier and more comfortable. Less toxic materials, well-designed ventilation, and efficient heating and cooling with a tightly sealed, well-insulated building envelope can mean you will breathe fresher air and have fewer drafts.
3) More durable and lower maintenance. Careful selection of a building’s materials, its design, and its placement on its site can mean fewer replacement costs and effort.
4) A smart investment. Real estate data is showing that certified homes sell faster and for more money than comparable homes, and they hold their value longer.

By purchasing a Built Green certified home from us, you get the confidence that your home will cost less to operate, be healthier for you and your family, last longer, have less impact on the environment and maintain its value better than typical homes.