Why TBD?

Our passion is creating incredible and unique homes. One-of-a-kind homes whose design, finishes and interiors are selected and finalized as the project evolves. If we aren’t delighted with the flow of a floor plan, or how a home is situated in its landscape, we’ll re-work the design until it’s perfect. This kind of flexibility is essential to our work as artisans, designers and engineers of distinctive living spaces and is at the core of “Why TBD?“, in other words, why you’ll find available homes pricing listed as “$TBD” (“to be determined”).

If there is a specific property that you are looking at, please fill out the form to be alerted when the property becomes available for purchase. At any time please feel free to send an email to the agent attached to the property if you would simply like to inquire about a location or price-point. They will reach out to you and keep you updated as we determine pricing and availability of all of the homes you are interested in.

Thank you for your interest in what we do and we look forward to hearing from you.